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16 hours ago


Wizard of Oz Miniature Garden! 💚💛❤️
Supplies - goo.gl/jQ9745
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Love it! Here’s mine, I made it from polymer clay. I can’t wait to get the wizard of oz accessories.

Very cool. I want to make a fairy Christmas garden but not quite as elaborate as this beauty.

Love this. I am just no a creative person.

I love this garden. My moms favorite movie. I have to make one.

Oh Laura, you are truly an artist. Well done!

Jennifer Stockard Wizard of Oz always makes me think of you.

Maureen Tomasso this would look awesome in your sun room! 💖💕

Pam Black you need this!!

This is so cute! Erika Smith

I need this in my life.

Sara Beth look at this!!

Sweet very intricate work well done

Too cute!!! :)

Beautiful!! How createful!!!


So pretty.

I need the supplies for this Santa!!!!

LOVE it!!

Muy lindo.

GUAUUU qué hermoso.

That is beautifull..

I so want this

This is so cool!

Here you go Anna

I want one

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1 week ago

The Waterside Edge Solar House coming in January ;)

The Waterside Edge Solar House coming in January ;) ... See MoreSee Less


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So sad that you don't sent to Denmark because you have so many nice things, like this one 😔🙃

Love it! Looks like something for next years gardens

I would love one of these are you in Adelaide ? How much is this please .

Might make a nice b-day gift for a ceartain fairy lover I know!

Wow!!! Beautiful <3

To cute


cute. Odering & shipping ?

What size is this?


Ronel Van Der Walt!!!!!!

Lisa Burke

Marisa Biale

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